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My favourite thing to use in the ring is a bin lid - I smash my opponents in the face with it. I'm single at the moment and we do all get female fans trying to hook up with us - but our management will always step in and stop us doing anything we might regret.

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Dont call us a freak show were athletes Inside the jaw-dropping world of dwarf wrestling

I have a signature move called the 'jam rock', where I drop down on my opponent from three feet above the ropes, as well as the 'Samoa slam' where I twist their body around me and slam down with them.

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I even met my partner through wrestling, after she came to watch me at a show, and we have three kids together.

I'd bring them down by doing low blows, sitting on their faces and grabbing on to their legs.

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Some people get angry about dwarfs working in the entertainment world and want us to be doctors or lawyers, but like anyone else we have different goals.

This is a professional sport and the audience don't laugh at us, they cheer us on.

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