The Forced Orgasm Tower

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In its higher octave Love involves destruction as these opposites are dissolved and reconciled with each other, and this relates to the destruction of the Tower. This is why when the Eye of Shiva is opened, the Universe is destroyed and we attain Enlightenment.

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Thoth Tower Tarot Card Tutorial - Esoteric Meanings

So destruction is a form of LOVE as it unifies opposites within us.

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These moments are necessary for our spiritual growth even though at the time they may be very difficult changes which make us very anxious.

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So it provides us with an opportunity for growth that will hopefully get us to reach for The Star, the next card in the major arcana sequence, rather than falling back to the stagnation and trappings of the Devil Card: The Lightening Flash represents a bolt out of the blue experience that jolts us out of our reality and forces us to re evaluate our life at this time.

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When ready, the initiate needs to move beyond discovering attitudes, beliefs and mental potential and commit to transforming them.

As you get to know your mind better, remember that it is just a vehicle for your true self — a vehicle that can be serviced, upgraded and transformed; how we are today is not how we have to be tomorrow.

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