Crotch Pics Olympics

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For some reason, they seem to compete in every event in something that resembles a bathing suit, regardless of whether or not that activity requires actual swimming. And, due to both their apparel and their anatomy, unfortunate things can happen.

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Uniform Malfunctions Awesome Athlete Camel Toes | Total Pro Sports

Since there's not much else to say about this one, let's roll through the hierarchy of sports based on their likelihood of producing camel toes.

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As for the camel toe, there isn't much to say other than it's there, which makes us pretty sure this isn't a dude.


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I hope she won a gold medal or shiny button or a piece of string or whatever they give the winners of whatever sport this is.

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I'm sure if a photo was taken 30 minutes later, she would be standing there naked wondering what the hell just happened.

Also, if anyone knows what her mailing address is, maybe we could all chip in and send her some bronzer or a 2-month membership to a tanning salon in the Ukraine or something.

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