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It might be that ultra-embarrassing picture of you talking with your mouth full of food, or the one of you bending over in a very unflattering pose. Fortunately, most of the time we can hide the photo away or discard it completely.

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You could also talk to your doctor about using prescription strength antiperspirants.

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Miley Cyrus, Melissa Joan Hart, Nicole Kidman, and many other stars have also suffered the results of spotty white complexions due to silica powder not being properly blended in.

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While attending the Vanity Fair Oscar After Party in Beverly Hills, California, the model accidentally flashed her nipple when her gorgeous silky gown slipped off to the side.

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Usually clad in dresses, it appears to be a common occurrence for Middleton to inadvertently flash her bum as blusters of wind caused her dress to fly up on numerous occasions.

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Just a few days later, Tori was spotted looking beautiful with no signs of a red, blotchy face.

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