The movie maker

Hi nature lovers!

sh3Welcome to my personal blog, a place where I plan to share some of my stories and advice about capturing nature. I’m an amateur movie maker and someday I’d like to make wildlife documentaries for a living. That’s why, in my spare time I try to learn as much about filming animals as possible (that’s when I’m not fishing with my friends). Fishing is another activity which I enjoy because it allows me to spend time outdoors. As far as I can tell I’m a bit more experienced at fishing than at filming so I will sometimes post articles about some of the stuff which might be helpful to amateurs. I will try to describe various types of fishing and the gear that they require so that you know how to prepare for such a fishing trip.

I really do hope that you’ll visit my blog from time to time and that you’ll enjoy my posts. If you feel you have anything to add, don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

Come back soon!