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But what happened to the contestants on Rock of Love?

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Send us a scoop!Rock of Love Season Cast Remembers Bret Michaels Horrible Show - Thrillist

Everyone got married, had kids, got engaged, got back with their boyfriend.

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But for those who went on the show with relatively squeaky clean pasts, what was next after their moment in the sun?

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One fancies herself a news satirist, one pursued an acting career, one became a realtor in her hometown, and one is a popular DJ in virtual reality!

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For three seasons, the reality "romance" contest played out in a land of rock 'n' roll, sex, and alcohol, where fake boobs are referred to by a contestant as the "best birthday present I got from my parents last year" and the runner-up is stuck with "Bret" tattooed on the back of her neck.

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Happily, many of Bret's would-be soulmates stayed on the air in spin-offs such as Rock of Love: Charm School and I Love Money, but those shows ended years ago.

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Where Are They Now The Ladies Of Rock Of Love - VH News

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