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Hello! My name is Martin, and I’m an amateur movie maker. I like to try my hand at making wildlife documentaries. I have decided to start a blog about filming outdoors and about fishing and hunting as these are some of my favorite leisurely activities.



With a bit of focus and passion, wildlife documentaries can be vivid and filled with detail that you wouldn’t encounter even in professional productions. All you need is a good-quality camera and a set of skills that have been developed following some time spent on research. Excellent composition, as well as interesting subjects, often make the two core factors one requires in order for a short movie to be appealing and eye-catching. Plus, the neat thing about the United States and Canada is that they are packed with areas where wildlife animals roam as they please. This gives photographers and amateur movie makers the opportunity to capture some of the most intricate habits of species that everybody seems to think virtually everything’s been found out about.



Nature and wildlife filming is challenging and unpredictable because you really don’t know what to expect. If you intend on shooting potentially dangerous species, my advice is to ask for the services that a guide can offer you. If you go out into the wild all by yourself and without being equipped properly, you really can’t know when you will suffer an accident and be unable to come back home with no help from anybody else. If the local law allows you to do so, be sure to get a gun or a sharp object that you can use for self-defense purposes. In addition to all this, it might pay off to read some articles about the dangerous species whose habitat you’ll end up into.

Big Time Texas Hunt at Black Gap WMA

Aside from the wildlife documentary part of this blog, I will also be tackling my fishing and hunting adventures. Unfortunately, I can focus on these only when I have some spare time, which usually happens during the weekend. While fishing is a great pastime for me because I can take the kids along or spend some time on a lake with my buddies, hunting is far more serious, and I could never take the children with me until they reach the age of 18. I’m not necessarily against guns, but I don’t see any point in using them unless they are employed to target other species other than humans. In my opinion, hunting requires a good deal of survival skills and needs plenty of patience in order to be perfected. Besides, hunters always have to pay attention to their local laws and be positively sure that they don’t do anything wrong regarding the hunting seasons when they are allowed to target certain species. I live by these regulations because I believe they help with species conservation and therefore, give me the chance to hunt again during the next season.


I hope that you will enjoy the time you will spend going through the posts documenting my experiences. Perhaps the info that you’ll come across will help you, one way or the other.

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