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Go head get ya pop-a-lock let the cock out For girl don't lie you know you wanna go back to my house "The Man Right Chea" wanna get under that dress right there You spicy Cajun we gon' a good time over there You better suck the head on them there crawfish And you gotta bend all the way over to dance off this Handle yo' business but I know you do it way better, you dead wrong So if you talkin bout how niggaz make noise when you pass by Get yo' fine ass on the floor girl this yo' fuckin song!

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Shake ya ass, but watch yourself Shake ya ass, show me what you workin with [Verse 1] I came here with my dick in my hand Don't make me leave here with my foot in yo' ass; be cool And don't worry bout how I'm rippin this shit When I'm flippin what I'm kickin nigga, that's just what I do I'm effervesecet and I'm off that crescent Nastier than a full grown German Shepherd; motherfucker keep steppin They don't fuck with me and they don't Y'all bitches cant catch me and you won't Pay ya fare, fix ya hair, throw that pussy Got a Prada for boonapalist, and Donna for my babooski You think I'm trickin?

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