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Tags: Fantasy , Gangbang , Rape , Uncensored Description This short hentai video is about girl raped and fucked from tentacle monster and starts with two girls called Ai and Mai in the bed, and guys looking like monsters talk about the girls have blood in there veins.

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Movie InformationOcto Pie - NonHuman - Literotica

Rikki Jorgensen, a 21 year old Minneapolis college student, was vacationing on the Caribbean island of St.

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My boyfriend and I work at the same office building, he's a lawyer and I am a receptionist, so we always go in at the same time, it saves on gas.

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I had never told Josh but for the longest time I had fantasied about being raped.

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Ill just get my shower and by the time ive finished, shell be done and gone.


I sure hoped that would be the case because i really didnt want to face alexia after what had happened.

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