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Now that's all down the drain You put me through pain I wanna let you know how I feel.

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Monday, December 21, - View the lyrics Yeah, yeah, sick d.

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But as i looked out i saw that it was only the dog, rowdy, going off the patio to the back yard.

That's social distancing yeah Flow going viral, you best stay strapped With that Lysol and get way back shh Get that Pine-Sol and that Ajax 'Cause this dry cough is just like football umpires callin' a playback Bitch, back the fuck up like 15 yards, these rhymes call for a face mask face mask 'Nother 14 day quarantine, they're cordoning off everything This shit lookin' like a horror scene, like me metaphorically damn 'Cause them stay-at-home orders seem Like they just keep getting more extreme Who knows when this nightmare will end Marilyn?

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As i stood there thinking, i heard the other patio door open again.

My jewelry now consisted of a single 4 gauge closed ring that was suspended thru the underside of the glands and thru the urethra.

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