Hate cooking? Try using one of these appliances


I like to consider myself a multitalented person who can successfully learn new skills and improve the ones I already have. I’m also a declared foodie, so fishing and hunting are also some of my long-term passionates. Thus, it only comes naturally that I should enjoy cooking and making food with the ingredients that I provide.

Although I would love to brag about complicated recipes and compete with Julia Child or Gordon, I admit my cooking skills are often close to zero. Sure, I don’t really burn the food either, but let’s just say I prefer to order most of the times. Nevertheless, I decided to take some cooking classes and improve my skills and, who knows, maybe even make a living out of this anytime soon.

This article is about all of you who struggle with cooking but don’t want to spend a fortune either eating out too often. The truth is that you can save thousands of dollars monthly by cooking more and enjoying the simple life over a glass of wine.

So, if you want to make things easier for all of you in the kitchen, try using some of these appliances, and enjoy fast, easy, and delicious meals in no time.

The pizza oven

If you’re the one-recipe type of guy, you will certainly love a pizza oven. This appliance will help you cook delicious homemade pizza using top-quality ingredients. Thanks to its amazing features, you will enjoy freshly baked and evenly cooked pizza on all sides as often as you want. Just think about how many delicious pizza recipes you know and how many more improvisations you can make using this product.

But a pizza oven doesn’t mean you should limit your cooking skills to making delicious pizzas every time you use it. On the contrary, some pizza ovens help you cook a wide array of recipes, from homemade bread to fresh pancakes.

The bread maker

If you love the taste of homemade bread, why not cook it in the comfort of your own home? There are countless recipes for delicious, soft, and fresh bread, so why stick to the one you usually buy from the store?

From olives to cheese, bacon slices, onion, potatoes, and herbs, there are few ingredients that don’t mix well with fresh dough. Such a bread machine won’t cost you a fortune but can help you save a lot in the long term, especially if you want to watch your weight and reduce the amount of sugar and carbs.

In fact, you can use graham flour, wholemeal or oatmeal to create your own diet bread. I guarantee you won’t ever feel the need of eating bagels and store buns again.



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